OOTW: The Layered Look

I do a lot of shopping/outfit how to posts on my “Plus! Friday” posts on Style Segment so I want to try to steer clear of that here. A lot of personal fashion blogs I follow do “OOTD” (aka Outfit Of The Day) posts and I wanted to do a bit of a spin – “OOTW” (aka Outfit Of The Week) posts with some tips mixed in. I’ve learned personally that posting a bunch of pictures of just me in my outfits can get pretty pointless if you don’t have a focus — so my focus is to give tips shown by my outfits.

Cardigan & Tank: Aerie; Skirt & Boots: My Lady Boutique; Leggings: Torrid.

Anyways, I bought this particular skirt a couple of weeks ago from my new job at “My Lady Boutique” located in downtown Pittsburgh. At the time of purchase I was under the belief that the skirt was a size large (which was shocking in its own right that it fit me — I wear a size 16 jeans). When I got home and pulled it out I discovered it is actually a MEDIUM. Just goes to show you really just have to try on everything, you never know when something amazing will fit.

My biggest tip I wanted to point out with this skirt is that YES IT HAS STRIPES – grant it not nautical looking stripes but still, horizontal strips … on a big girl. Normally that spells a wider girth that no one wants but here’s my rule on horizontal stripes: they have to be proportional to your body! Thicker stripes (like this skirt’s) cover more inches on my body and hence don’t make me look wide.  A version of a DON’T would be if this had itty, bitty tiny stripes; it would take millions to cover that skirt and hence would take millions to cover my wide hips & stomach, making me look like a whale. Don’t fall into that trap — make sure horizontal stripes are always proportional (actually make sure ANY pattern is proportional.)

I’m not a big cardigan wearer (until this year); I always believed the ones on the market were too gramma-ish or nerdy/preppy (neither which I believe I am … okay maybe I’m a bit nerdy.) This season I decided to take the plunge and buy a few to try them out — turns out, I like some! This one in particular is a simple, yet popular style for the season — the long cardigan. Long cardigans can either make you look taller or shorter – once again, proportions ladies! Since I consider myself pretty tall (5’8″) I felt I could pull off this length decently, and the color is neutral enough to pair with anything. I love having tons of neutrals in my closet because they mix and match easily.

The last, and my favorite, thing I wanted to show off were my boots. I also bought these from my job awhile ago. I’ll let you in on a common secret… big girls tend to have big calves, and I’m no different. My calves have a circumference of like 17 inches and it is a struggle to find boots with wide enough shafts to comfortably fit me. When I bought these boots I had went through 3 other styles that didn’t fit before one of my manager brought these to me. They fit perfectly! Now I show them off to all my other big calved costumers at work to show them we DO have styles that fit. 


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