Music Loving: City High

I’m a huge music buff even though I sometimes like to call myself a music snob because I only listen to certain genres. I’ll listen to anything once but my main type of beats is some good old hip hop/RnB. I love the smoothness of it, how soulful the voices are and, I’ll admit it, normally the content of the songs! So I’m a love song junkie, sue me haha.

Anyways, with hip hop/RnB you also find a wider acceptance of body types. I can name a few reasons why but I’ll keep them to myself. What’s your opinion on it?

A couple weeks ago at work a certain song turned on the radio and at a certain verse I laughed out loud because I loved what it said: “5’5′ brown eyes with your thick thighs.” Thick thighs, not something you tend to find in modern music. Normally it’s all about stick thin models with huge, unrealistic breasts. But this song talks about a dream girl being 5’5, brown eyes and thick thighs (among other things). I love it.

My one colleague commented after I laughed saying that is what a lot of African American guys want – one reason why I’m attracted to their culture. Just one more positive thing about being plus sized, curvy…THICK.



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