Beauty 101: Big Eyes

The one thing all women can agree on is that we all want beautifully big, sexy eyes. It’s not easy, I’ll admit. One of my pet peeves for myself is not knowing how to seriously line my upper eyelid. But I do my best. The one thing I cannot live without though, that makes my eyes as big as I want, is mascara.

There are tons of mascaras out on the market (and probably half of them are really good) but the one I’ve found that is amazing is Mayballine The Falsies Volume Express mascara. I’ve tried mascaras with small brushes and big brushes; ones that are supposed to prevent clumps and ones that are supposed to lengthen. But Mayballine’s is the one that actually comes through with all their promises.

The Falsies lengthen, thickens and separates my lashes. It makes my eyes pop wide open, even if it’s the only makeup I’m wearing that day. My theory is that if you only have time to put on one kind of makeup, make it mascara (and lipgloss if you have time for 2 haha).

Here’s a few tips on how to wear your mascara to make your eyes big, bright and amazing: 

– wiggle the brush back and forth as you swipe on your mascara, this separates your lashes

– put on several coats to make your lashes longer and thicker (but don’t go crazy, you don’t want to glue your eyes shut)

– add extra coatings to the outside lashes to make your eyes appear wider

– if you are talented enough (I’m normally not) add a layer of mascara on your lower lashes, this will frame your eyes


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