OOTW: Holiday Cheer

Top: Figleaf; Bandu: Aerie; Skirt: My Lady Boutique.

I wanted to wear a version of this outfit last week but alas, it was too cold to just wear a skirt without leggings and I had no leggings that would fit this outfit (they were black; black leggings, red skirt and white top = no, no).  I ended up wearing this for Christmas in my apartment instead.

Skirt: My Lady Boutique.

I fell in love with the skirt the moment we pulled it out of the box at work. We got a new shipment in earlier last week (I love shipment days) and I mean, come on, it’s a RED skirt. I bought it instantly in a large – low and behold, I actually fit a medium. Best part of the skirt, the back where there is an exposed zippers – something VERY hot this season.



Top: Figleaf; Bandu: Aerie.


This shirt has been around since early summer. I love the detail and the concept – the material doesn’t hold up well though (I have several tiny holes in it already). That plus the store I bought it at I will never set foot in again; why? The owner told me she didn’t want to be known as a “plus size” store when I asked to feature them in an article.



Earrings: Rainbow.



I paired the shirt with a white lace bandu bra undernieth for a feminine touch. Bandu bras were very popular over summer and I bought several of them from my old job at Aerie (I love them all). To finish off the outfit I wore my festive red feather/flower earrings.


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