EXTRA: Kick Off Giveaway

It’s only been about 2 weeks since The Curvysta Haven was launched and already I have received comments, likes and follows. I wanted to thank you all so much, this is a great start.

Due to this I wanted to open up a New Year/New Blog Giveaway! Just a way to open up comments, receive some feedback/ideas and give you all some treats.

The Directive: All you have to do is “like” us on Facebook first (required), then post a comment here telling me what YOU’D like to read about. Let it be a new fashion line you love, a plus size model you adore, your favorite food you want a recipe on or a new product you want to know how to use. ANYTHING that would deal with a plus size lifestyle.

The Prize: The top three ideas will receive a $10 gift card to use at any Regal Theater and their topic used as a future post.

The Timeline: This will start today (January 1st) and continue till the end of the month (January 31st).


5 responses to “EXTRA: Kick Off Giveaway

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