Entertainment High: Drop Dead Diva

With Christmas came one of the best gifts (no, not clothes) … a Wii! It’s the perfect gift. My father is the best – he got me the exact one I wanted. What I didn’t know about the Wii was that you can do way more than just play games – like download Netflix and watch amazing shows. My current fix? Drop Dead Diva.

Photo courtesy of mylifetime.com.

Drop Dead Diva is this awesome drama/comedy about a stereotypical blonde model (Deb) who basically causes her own accidental death – presses a button on a Heavenly computer – and returns to Earth, but not as herself, as Jane Bingum . Jane is a workaholic, plus size lawyer who now gets a major makeover as Deb/Jane while discovering who she was and who she now is.

I love Jane. Her character is amazing – the background as a plus size woman making it as a high profile (gorgeous) lawyer in LA is inspiring.

Photo courtesy of mylifetime.com.

I haven’t finished the 2nd Season yet but already Jane has battled all the same issues any one of us plus size women have overcome as well: stereotypes, eating habits, diets, fashion, and size discrimination. In all situations she figures out a way and fights to win her cases.

Photo courtesy of mylifetime.com.

It’s a total confidence booster for me watching this show. I see a positive, plus size role model in network television finally.

Brooke Elliott stars as Jane in Drop Dead Diva, but started out on Broadway in productions such as “The Pirate Queen,” “Wicked,” and “Beauty and the Beast.” Since her role in Drop Dead Diva she has won a Gracie award in 2010 and nominated for a 2011 PRISM award. Jane isn’t just a great on-screen role model, Brooke Elliott is a real life one too.

P.S. the fashion is to DIE for.


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