Beauty 101: Waxing

None of us are new to waxing, that is for sure. I can’t remember specifically the first time I had my eyebrows done but I was young; and then that one stupid moment I decided to try to wax my legs at home (my mom had to pull the strips for me). I even experienced a Brazilian wax .. um, yeah not fun during but nice afterwards.

Anyways, I hadn’t had my eyebrows waxed in MONTHS (eww, gross) but finally made an appointment last week. I warned the lady that I’m a flincher and I might jump. She asked if I was scared and I told her “no, just a flincher.” Well she introduced me to a new, almost totally pain free waxing experience.

Hard Wax V. Strip Wax

My eyebrows before.

All my previous experiences with waxing had been strip waxing. Painful at times doesn’t begin to explain. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain but this method got me several times.

The process includes putting warm wax in a thin layer onto the skin then layering it with a strip of cloth or paper. Once the wax has dried the strip is pulled against hair growth to remove the wax and hair – and causing pain.

My eyebrows after.

This time hard wax was used to do my eyebrows. While there was still some pain (sensitive areas will always get me – like under my eyebrows) there wasn’t as much as before.

This process includes putting warm wax in a thin layer onto the skin then letting it cool. More strips of wax can be added to other areas while the first area is cooling. Once the original area is cooled the wax is pulled off (sans strip) in a quick motion. Virtually painless!

So next time you go get waxed, ask which process they use – and if you can, ask for hard wax!


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