Shop Around: Top 5

Finding a store that specializes in plus sizes or that includes plus sizes in their line can be rare and hard to find. That is why I wanted to share my top five stores (online and off) to make it a little easier for you all perhaps.


Forever21 Plus: For cheep but decently made clothes this is your store. They have some great fashion staple pieces like color-blocked dresses and boyfriend cardigans, that range from sizes XL to 3X/12 to 20. I’ve boughten some great pieces from them but I have to warn, their shipping department SUCKS.I’ve had at least 2 experiences where they have taken around 2 weeks to even ship my order let alone another week or more for the order to be received. This was blarringly made clear when they shipped my dress for my sister’s wedding 2 weeks after I ordered it and then I didn’t receive it till AFTER her wedding.


Aeire: They don’t really carry their garments in bigger sizes IN stores but you can always  order in store and have it shipped to your home for free. They do normally go up to a size XL/12 in store though so you do know. They have a lot of basic pieces like tanks and shirts and bras (of course) you can stock up on. Save statement pieces for another store.


American Eagle: Pretty much the same as Aerie (since they are the same company) just minus the bras. They carry some great jeans, though they like to discontinue and create new styles frequently without warning.


Victoria’s Secret: Hate to admit but VS will always have more and different stuff than Aerie. VS is more sexy and adult (unless you are shopping in Pink) while Aerie is more teen/playful. That and their semi-annual sale is amazing.


My Lady Boutique: You’ll hear me talk about them a lot in my OOTW posts; this is wear I work and is only found in Pittsburgh (road trip!) We aren’t plus size specific, a lot of tops and dresses are sizes small through large, but the large can be rather stretchy and I fit a lot of them. Specifically though we carry a lot of high end, amazing plus size jeans sizes XL to 4X/14-24.


Torrid: this is probably one of the best high quality, national plus size brands out there. They used to have a Pittsburgh store (where I originally met the brand) but they shut the store down. Now I shop with them online where their lines are extensive. They carry so many styles, brands and sizes. They even do some jewelry, makeup and hair pieces. They even have a “darker” side with sexy lingerie, skulls & crossbones and corsets.

Where do you like to shop? Fill me in!



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