Fashion News: PLUS Model Magazine Speaks Out

It has been all over the news and internet, if you missed it here’s a recap: PLUS Model Magazine printed an editorial in their January issue entitled “Plus Size Bodies, What Is Wrong With Them Anyways?” It speaks about how most models in the fashion business today meet the BMI criteria for being anorexic (and the fashion industry is pushing THAT on us?)

Here are some of the statistics they printed with their photos:

Photo courtesy PLUS Model Magazine.

– 20 years ago models weighed 8% less than the average woman, today they weight 23% less.

– 10 years ago plus size models wore sizes 12 to 18; now most agency boards carry plus size models sized 6 to 14.

– 50% of average women wear a size 14 or larger, but most companies cater to sizes 14 and below.

This editorial has been so controversial and popular that it has gone all the way to ABC World News Tonight and even Entertainment Tonight (ET). PLUS Model Magazine Editor-In-Chief Madeline Figueroa-Jones speaks out about it in several interviews and through PLUS Model Magazine’s social media platforms.

Our dissatisfaction with this double standard and how we are marketed to will only stop when we stand up for ourselves and complain about this issue to the companies that market to us, and stop buying from those who refuse.

Photo courtesy PLUS Model Magazine.

Check out PLUS Model Magazine for the full article and more tips, and watch the ABC World News clip here.

And if you were curious, the gorgeous model in these photos are Kasia Pilewicz from ANTM Cycle 16.


2 responses to “Fashion News: PLUS Model Magazine Speaks Out

  1. Really shocking statistics here – it’s truly frightening just how much the fashion industry promotes something so dangerous as being extremely underweight! In doing so they really let women down & do us a huge disservice! This is something that desperately needs to change, & it starts with publications like PLUS Model Magazine taking a stand, just like they did with their article, and with bloggers like yourself sharing the story with thousands on this site!

    Fabulous article – points are brilliantly made & this piece has a strong impact! I’ve really enjoyed reading it & felt all your outrage & passion as I read! Great job,

    Keep spreading the word, & stay stylish, xoxo

    • Thank you very much. I really appreciate that others are taking heart into this topic and spreading the news. You are right, it is very shocking how the fashion industry could promote something so dangerous by asking their models to appear a certain way. With people like PLUS Model Magazine heading the front hopefully equality in the fashion world will come around soon!

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