Entertainment High: Mike and Molly

There has been such controversy over this show that I finally had to look into it. The only commentary I had originally heard was that the writers of the show have been taking the “fat jokes” a bit too far – not that there was something (or someone) much worse brewing behind this controversy.

When I began my research for this post I came across a very disturbing article posted by a source I had once believed in. While this article is over a year old (posted when the show was brand new) I still find it pertinent and even more hateful today. What article am I talking about? The one written by Marie Claire writer Maura Kelly.

In this first person tantrum from hell Kelly writes about how she would find it totally disgusting to see “rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other … because I’d be grossed out if I had to watch them doing anything.” She goes on in the article to point out that the actors in Mike and Molly are “morbidly obese!” She must have the worst eyesight in the world – how could anyone think Melissa McCarthy is “morbidly obese?”

She compares a fat person to a heroine addict – but then states that fat people have complete control over being fat. She obviously didn’t re-read her work because she would have found out that she completely and utterly contradicted herself there. Unless Kelly thinks a heroine addict has complete control over his addiction than she is totally wrong! Just like she is totally wrong with her article – and Marie Claire for standing behind her!

Furthermore, Kelly writes that “I’m not some size-ist jerk.” Well what are you than, hmm? Because all I see here is a shrewd bitch who has more body issues than all the overweight people in America.

In the end Kelly writes a long apology (added later) saying how she is truly sorry for hurting anyones feelings and how she was rude and insensible, and that her first words must come from her battle with anorexia and wanting to constantly be thin.

While she likes to focus on the obesity problem in America – I’d like to focus on the other extreme, the eating disorder problem in the world. It is people like Maura Kelly that tells little girls it is okay to starve themselves to look like the clinically anorexic models the fashion industry is trying to push on us.

Not wanting to make this any longer than I already have – I watched some clips from Mike and Molly, and I like it! I’ve loved Melissa McCarthy ever since she was in Gilmore Girls and she is one of the most hilarious women on TV.

*I apologize for using curse words in this article, but I was truly disgusted and hurt by Maura Kelly’s article. 


4 responses to “Entertainment High: Mike and Molly

  1. Man, you can tell me has body image issues when she said she feels uncomfortable watching someone overweight cross a room! What did she expect when she published this article? I like this post, thanks for pointing this out to me, i live in England so i’ve never heard of this show 🙂 xx

  2. I’ve recently started watching Mike & Molly and I think Melissa McCarthy is hilarious, a fabulous actress, & a gorgeous woman. I had never heard of or read the article you mention (was that in a US Marie Claire edition?) but it is unbelievable that those kind of comments were allowed to be published, especially in a magazine that is so influential & has such a wide readership! It is disgraceful. And I really admire you for speaking out about these issues on your blog, your passion is amazing & inspiring!!

    This is a brilliant article, really well research & written, & so much passion for the subject comes across! I loved it, and I agree wholeheartedly that rather than criticizing people for whatever shape, size, or weight they are, as long as they are healthy we should be embracing & celebrating people for all the wonderful things they are! And for people who do have weight problems or eating disorders, we should not be criticizing them either, but trying to understand & find the best ways to help them!

    Stay stylish, xoxo

    • Thank you! I’m glad my words had an impact – and yes I believe the article I’m talking about was posted on Marie Claire’s US website (it was a blog post). I agree that I thought Marie Claire was an influential magazine – and to allow one of their writers to go off so un-hinged is ridiculous.

      I’m glad you loved my post – and I hope you come back for more. Celebrating people for who they are (not what they look like) is something everyone needs to look into.

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