Fashion Quandary: Leggings

There are rarely ever actual new fashion trends; normally it is just trends that go in and out of style. Take leggings for example, they were high fashion back in the 80s (even though most of us only remember them as work out wear) but now they have certainly come back again.

I wasn’t always a fan of leggings, it took me awhile to get comfortable with the idea and then with wearing them. Now they are normally a staple in my wardrobe – mostly due to the fact that it is winter and so cold. They are a great layering piece!

But the quandary is this: are leggings fashion or faux pas

All leggings pictured from

I also have a coworker who almost always wears leggings, and has a pretty big obsession with them. She loves the colors and patterned ones the best.

I have another coworker who, until recently, I just noticed never wears leggings and has told me she doesn’t like them. They just aren’t for her she says.

After thinking about it for a while I can only come up with the fact that I like more plain ones, and that I also have a rule when it comes to leggings: your top better cover your bottom if you have thin leggings or else you ARE a faux pas.

And my only tip for curvy girls wearing leggings is: if you are going to do a pattern, make sure it is proportional to your body or else you make look like a clown.

What do you think? Are leggings fashion or faux pas?


One response to “Fashion Quandary: Leggings

  1. Hello! Nice to see a legging-central post 🙂 I think of them more as a basic. I used to wear them to school in the early 90’s (thank my mother), but now, I wear them almost all the time. But my bum is ALWAYS covered.

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