Red Carpet Recap: SAG Awards

It’s that time again, red carpet recap: curvy girl style! Our three lovely actresses hit the SAG awards dressed to impress (and one not to impress) … and guess who won another award?

Octavia Spencer – Best Supporting Actress for “The Help” (again!) 

Once again Octavia Spencer brings her A game. Honestly I loved her SAG dress better than her Golden Globes – though both are very classic and “trendy” this red carpet season. I felt her SAG dress was much more stylish and elegant though than the last, what do you think?

Amber Riley – Glee

Last time Amber Riley was my ultimate favorite with her sultry, hip-hugging red gown. This time, she looks like she was trying too hard to dress like the stick models. While the length is great and I understand the concept she was going for – but the giant bow top and her hair pulled up like that just … not a winner for me.

Melissa McCarthy – Bridesmaids

Melissa McCarthy surprised me – I LOVE her gown! Last time she wasn’t my favorite (besides the color), but this time she is my STUNNER! This gorgeous midnight blue gown fits her so well, shows off her curvy figure and has the plunging neckline that gives a little va va voom.

So who was your favorite? Was it a surprise to you the turn around in fashion standing, that McCarthy took over Riley? Or was Riley still your favorite?


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