Entertainment Spotlight: Braxton Family Fights

I don’t follow Toni Braxton, won’t be able to tell you what songs are her’s (though she’s a good singer!) and have never watched her show, “Braxton Family Values.” But I was shocked to come across this clip posted by PLUS Model Magazine recently, where Toni calls her sister Traci out for being “plus size.”

 “I want Traci to lose 20-40 pounds now and stop thinking that her tummy sticking out like that is hot, ’cause it’s not.”

My first reaction: What the hell is wrong with being plus size Toni?? Why can’t your sister’s tummy be hot? Aren’t you supposed to SUPPORT family?

My second reaction: I don’t know enough about Toni Braxton to make a conclusion as to why she said that or why she feels like that. Perhaps she had weight issues before and losing it made her feel better and perhaps she doesn’t understand how her sister could be happy like that? Not sure, but I’m trying not to judge ..

.. but I just might not willingly listen to a Toni Braxton song again.



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