Celebrity Spot: Khloe Kardashian

Khloe has been on and off the radar for many things in her short years as a reality TV star. She’s been called fat, a drag queen and so much more … and now her paternity is being questioned again. I mean, I remember the one episode where she sent away for DNA results on her and her mom – but wow, now it’s all over the news. But I digress…

I would never call Khloe Kardashian fat in any way (so I don’t know why others are) but she is definitely thicker than her two sisters, whom everyone seems to compare her too. Her stepfather Bruce Jenner is even caught on camera asking why doesn’t she just loose a few pounds (this was seasons ago though). But through it all Khloe has staid true to herself and has always prided herself on her figure and personality – which I so look up to.

She’s my favorite Kardashian if you can’t tell – and the one that I think is the most realistic and grounded. She is a strong, confident, fashionable woman that people should take notice of.

But I’m here, really, to focus on some of her fashionable outfits today: 

Clean, simple and classic - and I love how she accessories with her purses.

From her denim line ... but look at her perfectly curvy figure!

This dress is killer - showing any figure can pull off an LBD.

Her fashion sense is straight on for how to dress her body shape.


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