Beauty 101: Lipstick Trick

This was a new trick to me, especially since I consider myself a lipstick beginner. I love lipsticks, the colors they come in and all the different lipstick commercials but I’ve never felt like I could pull it off. This might be because I like to make my eyes pop more — but never the less, I’ve slowly moved towards wearing lipstick.

My biggest fear when putting on lipstick is just swiping it completely on and having a thick, bold lip that makes me look like the 80 year old women who, unfortunately, look like clowns with their makeup. So my biggest trick has always been to just swipe little dashes over my lips and then blending it over my lips with my finger. 

Recently though, I’ve started following a plus size model, Sara, on tumblr where she posts about fashion, style, beauty, herself and how to become a plus size model. One of the posts that caught my eye though was one where she shared some of her other plus size model friends’ beauty tips and tricks: one being, how to make your lipstick last longer.

Step 1: Start with a dry lip.

Step 2: Coat lips with foundation (the non-powder kind.)

Step 3: Dash on lipstick.

Step 4: Blend lipstick on lips.

Step 5: Repeat till reached desired level of color/coverage.

I’ve been using this tip for the past couple weeks while using nude, fuchsia and red lipsticks – all have turned out much more even and have lasted longer on my lips than just putting lipstick directly to my lips.


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