Food Chronicles: Red Wine

It has been long believed that a glass of wine at dinner can help prevent heart disease. Now it has been proven that a glass of red wine can do more than just prevent that.

A French study has recently shown that an ingredient in red wine, resveratrol, can also help prevent muscle deterioration. The study, which I wouldn’t exactly say was animal friendly (they hung mice by their hind legs upside-down), also proved that resveratrol also can also increase energy, boost cell function, and aid in weight loss (Men’s Health Magazine, July 2011).

Resveratrol is the grape’s defense mechanism to fungal attacks and since the grapes used in Pinot noir (the best red wine for this study) has thin skin, the resveratrol builds up quicker. But this also means that the levels of this antioxidant varies in red wines due to time and location, but Men’s Health states that Pinot noir is still the best bet in a red wine.

So next time you are out to dinner, order yourself a heart healthy, muscle/energy/weight loss boosting glass of Pinot noir (red wine)!


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