Fashion Via Keepin It 700 Radio

Recently I met this amazing woman through my manager at My Lady Boutique, and I begged for an interview! I was granted with the thoughts and advice below:



Name: Joelle ‘Sevin Hunnid’ Montague

Radio Show/Station: Keepin It 700 radio / The Square Root of 700 Show



Q: Why did you start your radio show?

JM: I started my show because I have always wanted to be on radio and I saw that the radio stations that we had, KISS and WAMO, were not showcasing the local talent that Pittsburgh has.

Q: What is your radio show about ?

JM: I showcases local hip hop no matter wat city the artists are from, we talk about everything from music to politics to who is having sex with whom. I call myself the Wendy Williams of Pittsburgh but I also say I’m a mix between her, Howard Stewart and Oprah. I get in your business while being raunchy and have captivating interviews. My show is like a conversation between friends, just on air.

Q: What’s your favorite article of clothing and why?

JM: My shoes lol I love shoes, if I don’t have any shoes, I don’t have an outfit.


Q: Which piece of clothing do you think is the key component to an outfit?

JM: A great pair of jeans, if your butt looks nice that’s the best thing lol


Q: What is your favorite fashion related memory?

JM: Being a model for John Casablanca’s, that was when I first knew that I was a natural beauty, I was about 16.


Q: What would you tell a plus size audience member about fashion?

JM: Do not think that we do not have the cute stuff, it just takes us longer. I think that some of the things that smaller sizes do not work for us and do not conform to what society wants you to be, we are sexy.


Q: How do you use clothing in your professional life?

JM: I make sure when I’m at all events looking fierce, I wear the color purple because I carry myself as royalty. I would like to start my own t-shirt line called Keepin It 700 so everybody can keep it 700 like me lol

Q: How has being plus size effected you?

JM: I have always been heavy but more fit, now that I am bigger, at first it was a self-conscious thing but now I’m big, beautiful and I’m loving the boobs lol In my industry it’s not the form of beauty to be of a larger sixe but I think that stigma is erasing because no one wants skin and bones all the time.


Q: What would be your #1 advice for plus size women?

JM: Be you. God put you on this earth to love yourself and be happy. Do not wear clothes that do not fit, no matter what your friends say. Try to stay healthy.

All photos courtesy of Joelle Montague.


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