Fashion: British Invasion

Britain has been in the camera lens for fashion for a long time. We all remember Twiggy and the mod era. Britain is one of my favorite countries too for all the amazing history (and novels that have come out of there) – so I’ve been really wanting to do a British Invasion article for awhile. Especially one for my full figured ladies.

My friend gave the best description I think for British fashion, “too colorful, abstract and random…not something (you would) normally wear everyday.” Thanks Cameron, haha. What I like about his description is the COLORFUL, ABSTRACT and NOT NORMAL EVERYDAY parts. From experience, I’ve seen that Brits like to dress up more than Americans on a normal day – nothing wrong with that!

The three dresses above all come from an amazing British clothing company, ASOS, from their plus size line, Curve. The colors, the styles and the patterns are all very British to me, or at least what I picture/have seen.

British fashion is also very classic; shapes, colors, materials. Nudes and blacks, lace and tweed (especially tweed) screams Britain to me. I can picture Victoria Beckham in the black dress above – or Pipa Middleton rocking the poncho trench.

Pippa Middleton & Victoria Beckham.

The best part of British fashion I think is that it can work for many body types. The fits and materials can help define a figure or give you one, cinch in your waist at the smallest part or add some curves.


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