Fashion: Volup 2

Recently I discovered the most astonishing, beautiful and masterful piece of work I have ever seen in my life … and I love it very much. Volup 2 is a new online magazine by the one and only Velvet D’Amour – probably one of the best known plus size models-turned-photographer.

It is 324 pages of pure plus size glory – and even what’s better is that Velvet didn’t just include plus size women, she included ALL shapes and size (hint – hint fashion industry): old, young, curvy, straight, thin, fat. It almost brought me to tears. And she shows plus size women in all genres: edgy, beautiful, ethereal, sexy, erotic. Yes I said erotic. There are a number of half nude to fully nude photos of beautiful plus size women. And for those who don’t know what “plus size” means … it means FAT. And this magazine has beautiful FAT women. Fat is beautiful!

I can not wait to see the next edition – needless to say I am VERY excited about Volup 2!

Photos From Volup 2:

P.S. I SOOOOOOOO want this shirt!

All photos courtesy of Volup 2.



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