Beauty: Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Everyone knows I love Khloe Kardashian, that’s not a secret anymore haha. And you have no idea how special I feel when someone tells me I look like her (or have a similar look/fashion sense as her). And once I found the seasons of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” on my Netflix – well I became addicted like usual.

And recently I watched the episode in season 3 where Khloe is approached by PETA to do a “I’d rather go naked, than wear fur” campaign. This combined three of my favorite things, and two very important points. My three favorite things: Khloe Kardashian, animals and body image. The two very important points: animals and body image.

It took a lot of strength and courage from Khloe to take her clothes off in front of a photographer, she ISN’T Kim who in society’s eye is pretty much perfect. Especially at that point in Khloe’s life – everyone in the tabloids and online were calling her fat and saying she was a transvestite. Her stepfather Bruce even asked her if she should lose a few pounds before the shoot. I would be so upset if someone in my family said that to me.

In the end, Khloe does drop her robe and takes AMAZING nude photos in honor of saving the animals. And this brings me to this point…

I’m a huge animal lover – and I hate fur coats. Yes they are very pretty, but they would be just as pretty if it was faux fur. And it is tough to work in a store where we sell real fur coats (and yes, I’m being serious – my store sells real fur coats). I’ve had small disagreements with co-workers over buying a fur coat, and my manager likes to say “maybe the animals died in a natural manner.”

Unfortunately I know that statement isn’t true, but they all know (and the costumers appreciate) the fact that I refuse to own a fur. I don’t mind so much if someone buys one from the store, but I won’t purchase one myself ever.


2 responses to “Beauty: Comfortable In Your Own Skin

    • I just don’t get the point of killing animals to wear them in this manner??? Like I wrote, they look pretty but would be JUST as pretty if it were fake — and then I wouldn’t have to listen to costumers complain about the pricing lol.

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