Fashion: Prom Season

Prom season is fast approaching and there are so many styles and colors out there on the market. My junior prom I went more traditional with the style of my dress but I chose a lime green one, haha; but my senior year I went a little more non-traditional with a salsa-inspired red gown.

This season is full of bright colors and tantelizing styles, both long and short gowns. When I was in high school I was way more traditional than I feel like I would be now, and I feel that shorter hemlines are way more appropriate now than 5 years ago when I was a senior.

If you chose a floor length gown you can play with colors, prints and styles a lot more. I love the idea of a pink/peach colored gown and something that is light and airy this season. Or break the boundaries by picking a daring orange, flower-printed gown to stand out of the crowd. Most formal gowns are one color, so picking one with a print will help you stand out.

Show off your great legs by picking a shorter hemline! Shorter gowns are sassy, sexy and daring. Pick a dark hue for a bit more class with your sass – or go for it with a corset styled dress. Another idea is to pick a neutral colored gown and playing up your accessories!

So what are you girls wearing for prom? I want to know what you think!


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