A Little Green Lovin’


I thought it seemed like the best time for this holiday to post a little green lovin’ on St. Patrick’s Day. Like most of us, I donned my green outfit today in honor of my Irish ancestors (and yes, I’m actually Irish 365 days a year – not just 1 day out of the year) but, since being sick I didn’t christen the holiday with a Guinness (sigh) but I wanted to share a shot recipe I found.


Makes: 2 //  Glasses: 2 shot glasses // Equipment: bar spoon

1 measure Absinthe // 1 measure ice-cold kummel // 1 measure Goldschlager

Pour half the absinthe into each glass. Using the back of a bar spoon, slowly float the kummel over the absinthe to form a layer.

Pour the Goldshlager over the kummel in the same way and serve.

For a “Money Shot,” pour 1 measure of Jagermeister into each shot glass, then float 1 measure of peppermint liqueur over it.

Recipe found in 200 Cocktails by Hamlyn all color. 

2 responses to “A Little Green Lovin’

  1. Oh my, Kummel combined with Absinthe and Goldschlager could get a person in a lot of trouble very fast. Guinness is much safer…just the opinion of another Irish lass.

    • Haha, I’ll take your word for it – I’ve never actually tried the shot but it seamed festive to post about — and on a night like tonight, most people would probably want a bit more trouble than safety.

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