Model Profile: Angelica Gray

There are many plus size models out there in the industry today, thankfully, and all make a great impact. This one in particular has recently thanked her grandmother for introducing fashion to their family. Her grandmother is the one and only Barbara Sinclair Thomson, Dior model from the 50s. Her granddaughter, the new face of Evan’s busty line, Angelica Gray.

Angelica Gray, Scottish plus size model, had her first modeling gig when she was just 17 years old and was hired as a regular sized model. But Gray felt tremendous pressure to stay in her UK size 8 while modeling.

“I spent the first couple of years in Milan where I had to work really hard with a personal trainer. I’d spend hours making my meals – the diet and training felt like a career in itself. A size eight figure didn’t come naturally to me so it was impossible to maintain in the long-term. I was told I was fat and it started to make me feel quite bad about myself,” said Gray in an interview from The Daily Record. 

But instead of dropping her dreams she decided to turn to the plus size fashion industry. Now she has worked with Vogue Curvy in Italy, and has been busier than ever shooting for magazines and catalogues.

“I’m now so much more relaxed about my image. I go to work as myself, without the pressure to be skinny. I’m very comfortable with my body now and, for the first time, the size of my clothes doesn’t have an impact on how I feel about myself.”


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