Model Profile: Kaela Humphries

This model I find slightly controversial. She’s the older sister of the infamous Kris Humphries who married-and-divorced reality star Kim Kardashian. She also just recently landed a position on Ford Models’ Plus size division.

This 29-year-old plus size model got her start when she walked in the Richie Rich fashion show in 2011. Humphries also used to be signed with Wilhemina Models.

She said it wasn’t easy growing up due to being bi-racial. She had people asking her why she was “tan” all the time and had to explain she is half-black. Though if you are asking this blogger – most women have to sit in tanning beds for hours to get “tan” like her and WANT to have her skin tone. 

Besides landing her Ford Modeling contract Humphries has also recently lost 30lbs. I feel like this might counter act the fact that she is supposed to be a PLUS SIZE model, but only the modeling industry will tell. “My goal was not necessarily to lose weight, but you want to be at consistent measurements,’ said Humphries in a recent article.

She also talked about how she hates reading what other people write about her online – and how she gets very upset about how they call her fat.

“I’ve refrained from reading posts on Twitter because I’m actually a nice person and people are so mean. Sometimes people are like, wow she needs to work out. I’m a size 16/18 because I’m a DDD in the chest,” she said.

I’m not exactly sure how to take her cynical remarks here – if read the wrong way it almost makes her seem like she doesn’t LIKE being a plus size model and blames herself being called one ONLY because of her big chest. And she has to learn that if you are in the lime light – people are going to talk, good and bad things.

Humphries made an appearence in the first episode of Remodeled staring Paul Fisher as well. Fisher had this to say about Humphries and plus size models:

“There’s a word that I can’t stand, this word ‘plus-size’ model,”said “Remodeled’s Paul Fisher in January. “Kaela, they call her a plus-size model. I don’t even know what this word plus means. She’s normal. She’s perfect. She’s beautiful. They should call our models skinny people. The whole thing is wrong. It’s backwards. It doesn’t matter if she weighs 160, 180 — it’s completely irrelevant.”

I really like his view point on having to call their models “skinny people” since plus size models, like Humphries, are actually “normal.” But if we MUST stand out – then giving us the title “plus size” is better than them just calling us “fat” which has such a bad connotation to it still.

In the end I’m glad there is another plus size model gaining popularity in societies eye – we certainly need more publicity. But I feel like Humphries is trying to get herself out of the “plus size” market and into the “normal” modeling market – and that she has something against her curves. Maybe she doesn’t deserve to BE a plus size model? Not sure … will have to get back to you on that.


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