News: “Fatshion” Bloggers in the News

While skimming through the news recently I came across this amazing little article from CNN/WCVB Boston’s website. As I continued to read down the page from one fatshion blogger after another (and actually KNOWING one!) I knew I just had to share.

The priceless information and advice given from these women for this article – and all the fatshion bloggers out in the blogospher is stunning. When you just think about it at first, you just think “Oh hey, cool little plus size blog,” — but then you look at the bigger picture and you are like, “wow, there is a WHOLE plus size community out there – just for me.” I like to think I’m apart of that community – and that I help my readers out whenever I can.

Photo of blogger Lesley Kinzel.

One of the points that stuck out to me was the use of the word “fat.” One of the bloggers spoke about how she uses it so casually in conversation because she has no fear of the negative connotations – and by doing so makes people stop and rethink what she’s saying. I have to say, I play a part of that fear some of us have of the word “fat.” While I outwardly have no care anymore if someone calls me fat, I find myself refusing to use the word unless trying to make a point. Sometimes, people just don’t understand until you show them you don’t care about that word – but maybe sometimes I do care about it to myself. So the refreshing looking of having to just go out and say, “look world, I’m FAT and I don’t care” is something I’m going to try to embrace more of.

Another blogger, someone I have talked back-and-forth with for awhile now, was interviewed for this article – and I can’t tell you just HOW excited I was reading her name. The gorgeous fatshion blogger Dee, from “Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles” was featured in the article – and my favorite quote from her was when she said some guy at a club referred to her as the “fat bitch,” and her response was “Yes, I’m fat, so what?” BRILLIANT!

Finally, the last tidbit I wanted to share was from a designer who decided to extend her line from xxs to xxxl. Angela Zampell, designer of Mode Merr, shared this information with the media,

“it’s much easier to design for curves.”

Pull your eyes back in – I know mine bugged out when I read this too. A DESIGNERADMITTING that it is EASIER to design for … wait for itCURVES?!? What has the world come to???

The fact that she was bold enough to state this makes me want to run into the nearest “normal” person store and shout “where the hell are the clothes for ME? You know it is EASIER to design for MY shape.” Also makes me question why designers burden themselves then to create for skinny people …


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