Sleepwear Styles

This has been a major thought on my mind lately; I’ve been thinking about different styles of sleep/lounge wear that are out there. After searching through a few stores in a local mall (and getting sticker shock) I thought I’d take it to the internet to get a better visual on what is really out there for plus sizes.

After some research I decided to break them up into three sections: Boxer PJs, Sexy and Comfy.

All pieces from Old Navy.

This style of loungewear I find are the easiest to find and like. It’s as simple as finding a pair of boxers you really like, a matching top (in this case a tank) and some fun fuzzy slippers. These are also the most versatile because you can change it up whenever you feel like it.

White: Lane Bryant; Black: Zappos.

I had a lot of fun with this section because it is so much fun to find sexy items for curvy girls. The ability to break a stereotype that society puts out there (that big girls can’t be sexy) is always a pleasure. With these two different nightgowns the short length and sleeveless designs all add to the sex appeal. Then things like lace (black nightgown) and silk (white nightgown) all add to how sexy a piece makes you feel and look.

Nightgown:; Slippers: Zappos.

Finally onto the comfy part! Everyone wants their sleep and loungewear to be comfortable while also being fashionable. This nightgown from serves that purpose. It is comfortable enough to sleep and lounge around on your day off in with the long length – but also fashionable with design and accessories. Throw on a pair of black ballet-inspired slippers and practice your kicks!


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