Lookbook: Torrid’s Casual Now

Torrid is always a favorite place of mine to shop (and I’m still upset the local Torrid closed years ago – but that was a damn good sale me and my mom caught there). I love to peruse their site randomly and their Facebook page.

That is how I got a peek at their new lookbook “Casual Now.” I love the concept of the designs – we always look how to dress up for this occasion or that one, but we never truly try to figure out how to dress casual.

I picked several of my favorite pictures from “Casual Now:”

Photo courtesy Torrid.

I love the color play with this outfit. Pairing the teal with the red is so new to me, and pewter colored jewelry is very hot this season. I think pewter is the new silver!

Photo courtesy Torrid.

Like the photo says, “let the DETAILS do all the work.” The details in the tops shown here are magnificent; the lace, the eyelets, the sheer fabrics – all hot. They make a casual t-shirt and jeans outfit into a fancy-shmancy outfits.

Photo courtesy Torrid.

Long cardigans are STILL popular right now – and making them in light, airy colors for Spring is the perfect idea. My favorite is the outfit in the back: the denim capris, long cardigan and nude pumps – I could see myself wearing that to go shopping in any day.


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