Fashion Review: Queen Grace Elbaz Bag

Just a few short weeks ago I received a very delightful box in the mail. It was a much anticipated box, let me tell you. And what was in it you ask?

The Elbaz Bag from Queen Grace Collection.

From the second I heard Queen Grace started their limited edition Vieta Handbags collection I craved to own the Elbaz Bag. And when I received mine in the mail – it certainly didn’t let me down.

The Elbaz Bag features a camel color that is a perfect neutral color to go with all outfits. Two front pockets that are actually a lot deeper than the look make great places to stow small objects (or in my case my lock for my locker at work!) The large zippered section is large enough to carry a footlong from Subway (odd way to give you a measurement but it works for the real world lol). The small back, zippered pocket allows me to stow my keys in while out and about. Best part is that it comes with a long satchel strap or two carrying handles.

Overall this is one of my most favorite bags that I’ve owned in a long time. While it’s neutral coloring goes with everything it’s size allows me to go anywhere with anything I could possibly need or want!


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