News: Plus-Sized Discrimination

By now most of you have probably at least seen the ABC article entitled, “Plus-Sized College Student Claims Discrimination At Bar.” It has been passed around my Facebook news feeds for the past week at least. I finally had a chance to sit down and read it and I was shocked…

Photo courtesy ABC News blog.

A self-proclaimed ‘plus-sized’ student, Jordan Ramos, is stating she was discriminated against at a local Iowa City bar (Union Bar). She was told she was “obviously pregnant” and “not pretty enough” to dance on a platform where her friends were already dancing.

Ramos, 21 years-old, went to Union Bar one night with friends and attempted to climb up onto a platform to dance with her friends and was stopped by the bouncer saying they were “at capacity.” When she waited till some of the girls on the platform to leave and try again she was stopped again by the bouncer. It instantly made her ask, “What is the difference between the other girls up there and myself?”

The only thing she could come up with was that she was plus-sized, and the bouncer told her “‘Look, you will never get up on this platform. Go back to the dance floor where you belong,’” said Ramos to ABC.

When she returned to the bar at a later date, Ramos was stopped by the bouncer when she attempted to get onto the platform again. She repeatedly asked the bouncer why she couldn’t dance on the platform. He explicitly told her “You’re not pretty enough and you’re pregnant.” When she told him she was certainly not pregnant, the bouncer stared at her stomach and said, “You obviously are.”

My thoughts on this are pretty straight forward: if this ACTUALLY happened, then I am very disappointed with this bar and the bouncer. The fact that someone would refuse a girl to do anything based on her size is appalling. Coming from a plus-size woman who has gone out to clubs and bars a like I can tell you I never was refused anything – I mean come on, if we are pulling punches most of the bouncers at clubs and bars are “plus-size” too – so why are THEY discriminating??

I must comment though that I, too, have been called pregnant when I am clearly – not. At a previous job in a clothing store I was asked 4 times (on 2 separate occasions) if I was pregnant by customers. Most were asked in very deragatory (and shocking) manners — one, who was younger than me and shopping for shoes for HER baby, said she thought I was pregnant because I had MY HANDS ON MY STOMACH. Wooo…. yeah, that’s a signanl I’m pregnant people.

It really makes you think that some people out there are really ignorant on how to interact within society. Size, weight, shape, color, religious beliefs, sexuality … they don’t matter! Everyone keeps saying “stop discriminating against me” but then they discriminate against others.


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