Summer Fashion: The Bikini

If you follow my Facebook page (and if you don’t – you should!) then you know I’ve been focusing a lot on the lack-there-of of fashionable, sexy bikinis for plus size gals. I find it really unfair that companies, especially PLUS SIZE SPECIFIC companies, don’t sell actual bikinis for my size. I could care less what anyone else thinks of me when I’m in my swim suit – so why aren’t you selling something I like?

A lot of companies who are plus size specific, who boast about being premiere plus size stores, who actually sell swim suits don’t sell bikinis – or if they do they are horrendously ugly. A lot will perform a cop-out and sell “two pieces” which translates into tankinis (which is nothing wrong with for some people) but they look like one pieces – where is the fun in that?

BUT there are some wonderful companies that do sell sexy, fashionable plus size bikinis. And I recently found a new company through a Women’s Health article that does just this! I was skeptical when I first clicked on their plus size section of swim wear — but really excited when I saw they have a huge selection of BIKINIS. And I am talking tons of designs, colors, and shapes to fit anyone’s personality.

Everything But Water sells everything you would need for a beach vacation. And they sell small to plus sizes! Now I will tell you that they aren’t that cheep … but for their product, it’s worth it.

Becca Etc by Rebecca Virtue’s Blossoms Convertible Strap Top. $96.

Becca Etc By Rebecca Virtue’s Color Scheme Convertible Strap Top. $94.

Sorella Swim’s Sorella Solids Molded Banded Halter Top. $98.


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