Summer Fashion: Side Braid

In the summer you have a lot of of freedom with your fashion and style, and that goes all the way down to your hair. As you know, braids have been an obsession of mine lately – they are super versatile, trendy and can be used for a purpose. If you are like me and need to pull your hair up and back for work braids are a great way to do that; if you work out a braid is a great idea to keep your hair out of your face or if you are chilling at the beach a braid can be trendy while also helping you keep cool from that summer heat.

This particular style I found is more trendy and fashionable than utilitarian. I think it’d be perfect for a day of shopping, that visit to the beach or a coffee date. I found it off of Join the Mood blog via Pinterest.

Photo courtesy Join the Mood.


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