Volup 2: May

Velvet D’Amour is KILLING IT with her new magazine – dedicated to women of all shapes, sizes, colors and ages. Her newest edition of Volup 2 has not disappointed. Every turn of a page had me more excited, more in love and almost to tears with how beautiful these women are.

I really can’t talk about it much more than this – there are no words to explain Volup 2 besides pointing you towards it and sharing some of my favorite girls from the May edition. So go read it!!

Favorite picture from the WHOLE magazine – talk about an hourglass!

This color POPS against her skin and her hair is gorgeous – I want my hair like her’s.

Her figure is BANANAS!

She looks SO confident and that makes her super sexy. Love that blue dress too.

Her figure is crazy curvy – and that dog is so cute!

I love this outfit and how she could care less what others think of her.



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