Summer Fashion: Concerts

Summer is just a few days away (though to me I think it already started) and that means a lot of killer concerts coming up! Who’s your favorite? I know some major concerts have already happened like Cochella. If you went, what did you wear?

I can honestly say I’m not a huge concert go-er, I’ve gone to only a few summer ones in my life – but they are so amazing! My favorite part about most summer concerts is that they are outside — and give you many choices in what to wear! That is why I came up with two different ideas for you here my curvy sistas:

Cardigan, Tank, Shorts: Forever 21+. Wedges: Sam Libby.

This is probably my favorite because of the tribal inspired cardigan I found at Forever 21! This is your statement piece, and I feel like for a summer concert you need a statement article. Tribal prints and colors are super hip for summer – just remember to pick a pattern that is in proportion to your shape. Us curvy gals need a bigger print because it means less of the print will be needed to cover us and make our shapes look proportional. If you would pick a smaller pattern it would take more of that pattern to cover your form and then make you look bigger than you actually are.

Dress: ASOS Curve. Necklace: Chloe Chic. Bag: Forever 21.

I love the simplicity and colors of this outfit. I wanted to give an effortless outfit because summer is effortless and some gals just love to throw on a great dress, a few simple accessories and run out the door. This orange just pops on many skin tones and orange is becoming a fast favorite of mine this season. The lace dress also gives a very “easy, breezy, beautiful” appearance for anyone. Pair it with this MAGNIFICENT statement necklace from Chloe Chic and grab a bag and you are GOOD – TO – GO!


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