The Romper/Jumpsuit Trend

Rompers are wildly popular right now in mainstream fashion – and jumpsuits are still holding on to the spotlight. Now I’m not talking about jumpsuits like Catwoman … but actual wearable, fashionable jumpsuits. I own several rompers myself, though I haven’t ever worn them outside yet – I hope to break that soon though.

I think the technology behind jumpsuits and rompers have come a long way since they first came on the scene years ago. And rompers are so versatile for summer because of the lengths they come in. Here are a few of my favorite ideas for several occasions:


Jumpsuit: ASOS Curve.

I like this idea for going out on the town – it’s a way to be chic yet comfy when out on the dance floor. AND no accidental panty shots like you might have with dresses and skirts. Sectioning off the single color suit with a colorful belt helps with our figures – then pair it with some jewel toned pumps and bangles to finish it off.

Romper: ASOS Curve.

This one screamed sporty to me and carefree. The color blocking helps give some definition to our curves. Pair some fun sandals and earrings with the romper and a messenger bag to go grocery shopping or maybe even to the gym.

Jumpsuit: ASOS Curve.

This is my favorite jumpsuit I’ve seen in a long time – I love it even more that it is designed specifically for plus sizes! The effortlessness of the flow of the jumpsuit makes me want to pull it on and go out immediately. Pair it with some neutral wedges and a clutch for some added color – grab a fedora to keep that summer sun off your pretty face to finish off this ensemble!


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