2012 Olympic Inspired Fashion

In honor of the opening of the 2012 Olympics in London, England (who watched the opening ceremony?) I wanted to put together two outfits for two of my favorite teams.

That would be Team USA and Team Britain (well I couldn’t forget about the country that is putting ON the Olympics!) I wish all the countries luck and I know my friend will be rooting for Spain if he does ever watch the games but I had to show some USA pride.

Romper: Forever 21+.

I loved the idea of taking a casual romper and upgrading it with some hot red booties. And doing homage to the homeland bringing in the red, white and blue and the flag. You’ll be wearing a gold medal in no time with this outfit.

Heels a bit to high? Try swapping them out for some cute red flats or sandals!

Tank & Jeans: Forever 21+.

I found this tank and just had to use it – I loved the quote “God Save The Queen” especially since they’ll need it with Team USA bringing home the golds! The ripped crops and tank give a very casual vibe while the sparkly Union Jack earrings and clutch dress it up. Throw on some comfy heels and you are golden to show the hosting country some love!


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