Olympics 2012: Sarah Robles’ Stance

The Olympics bring about many thoughts and feels: pride, excitement, fun … and fitness. And of course we as plus size women know the pressure of being “physically fit.” It’s such a twisted word in today’s society because we are still looked at as “unhealthy” just because we are fat. But we all know that we don’t have to be a size 2 to be healthy (and that a lot of size 2’s are unhealthy as well!).

But the fact that fitness is a big theme during the Olympics isn’t all a bad thing. I’ve been going to the gym for the past couple months so I can become healthier but it can be very difficult to find useful and cute work out clothes. We’ve all been there. And now we have a voice out there: Sarah Robles’, USA weightlifter.

In an Associated Press story, Robles states how it is difficult to find workout gear at her size.

“I’m wearing a dude’s jacket right now. And a dude’s shirt. Dude’s sandals. A dude’s hat. I’ve got a dude’s watch. I’ve got a dude’s everything,” Robles said during a training session in London this week with coach Joe Micela.

She hopes her media coverage at the Olympics will help spread the word to the fashion industry – GIVE US AFFORDABLE AND CUTE WORKOUT CLOTHES FOR PLUS SIZE WOMEN – at an affordable price!

While other’s are signing a petition for Nike to sponsor Roble and create a plus size workout line, I’ve found another company we all should check out – Cult of California! I’ll talk about them though in a future post, so keep a look out!


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