OOTW: Brassy Bronze

I haven’t felt pretty enough to be honest recently to take pictures of any of the outfits I’ve worn – or I was way too busy to attempt a photo. But today changed that – while finally starting to kick this flu bug in the butt I cleaned up and got dressed in something that made me feel GOOD.

Jewelry: My Lady Boutique; Tank: AE; Bra: VS; Skirt: Gap.

I call this outfit Brassy Bronze mostly due to the colors but also because of the jewelry. I love this jewelry set that I found at my old job, My Lady Boutique. They have some of the best jewelry sets there and at such great prices. When I went in to visit the girls and saw this I knew it would be the first thing in my bag to buy!

The neutrality of the outfit let me feel comfortable enough to go anywhere (which I went medicine shopping and out for dinner) but also gave me a little bit of sex appeal.

Jewelry: My Lady Boutique.

I doctored the tank up awhile ago for a party when I realized I somehow had two of the same color (I worked at AE too long apparently lol). So I snipped the front a bit to give a little dip effect and show some more cleavage. This allowed my hot pink (hot pink & brown – hot!) lace bra to poke out a bit too for a bit more sex appeal. Who says you have to LOOK sick when you ARE sick?


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