OOTW: Piece Of Me

Saturday was a good day for me – I finally got a little piece of me back. Lately I’ve been feeling stuck and well, bored for the most part with my life. All I feel like I do is go to work then go home. That’s not how I used to be. Then I got the chance to pick up a shift at my old job downtown – exactly what I needed.

Top: My Lady Boutique, Tank: Aerie, Skirt: Old Navy, Belt: Aerie.

Not only was it some extra cash – it was hanging out with my girls again that I really missed. It was like therapy – I forgot what it felt like. That and I love downtown Pittsburgh – even on a Saturday. I also was FINALLY able to dress like myself to go to work again – I’m way too used to (and tired of) dressing in an all white uniform for work. Blah, uniforms.

Necklace/Earrings Set: My Lady Boutique.

This outfit I put together made me feel fashionable again yet also that it was me. I love the colors popping off of the brown neutral and I was able to straighten my hair! I had forgotten just how long it was! I know I got some looks that day 🙂


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