Project Runway “Fix My Friend” Response

Earlier this week I re-posted an article from PLUS Model Magazine on the Facebook page that is written by Terri, the plus size client featured on the “Fix My Friend” episode of Project Runway. Reading her account of what happened while on the show shocked and hurt me deeply; to think a show I actually enjoy watching (when I have cable) could bash someone of a different shape and size was abhorring. Then I got a comment on the post saying not to blame the show – that they didn’t condone Ven Budhu (the designer)’s actions. So I decided to finally find the episode online and watch it for myself.

To say my initial response changed is an understatement – I am more shocked and hurt than ever on just a female perspective. First I keep hearing Ven say “I’ve never designed for a real woman;” what did he mean by REAL? Are some of us optical illusions or hoaxes? Last I checked we are all living, breathing human beings.

Then to hear his comments to Terri pissed me off, I can’t find any nicer way to say it. If it was me I would have stopped the whole show and told him off in the first 5 minutes and gotten Tim Gunn and all the other producers right then and there to take action. The fact that before the runway Terri and her friend DID stand up and tell him he was being rude made me feel slightly better.

To the other contestants and judges: while you didn’t condone his behavior you also didn’t stop or penalize him. You actually found his design and actions good enough to allow him to continue in the competition! And the other contestants talked about Ven behind his back saying they hated how he was treating his client – but they didn’t do anything about it!! Why didn’t one of them stop him? Say something after Terri left? Stop the show and put him in his place right then? Just because they didn’t agree with how he was acting didn’t stop the fact that this injustice occurred. Talking but doing nothing is still DOING NOTHING.

I applaud Terri and her friend for standing up to this creep on and now off the show. You are doing all the rest of us women (plus size and other) proud! Don’t let someone like that deter you from dressing, looking and FEELING fabulous – at ANY size.

Please check out Marie Denee’s article at The Curvy Fashionista as well – her’s inspired me to write mine!


4 responses to “Project Runway “Fix My Friend” Response

  1. Really interesting article. Thanks for posting. You should see what Ven had to say about women in episode 7 (last night’s episode). He’s soooo sexist. I do think it’s difficult to blame the show for not sending him home, though, because they didn’t send Elena home and she has also mistreated people and been very offensive. It’s a tough call. I think unless a reality show contestant physically attacks somebody, then they are generally not sent home (this seems to be the standard in the industry).

    • Thanks so much for following and commenting first off!! I unfortunately don’t have cable so it makes it difficult to follow these shows – I was able to find this episode online after being told so many times to watch it. I believe you though when you say Ven is sexist! I think it is difficult to blame PR but the fact that he was in the bottom 3 and the whole challenge was to give her a makeover and he failed it – and personally I thought his outfit in general was terrible, should have given them the push to chose him to leave. And I unfortunately don’t know who Elena is in PR history 😦

  2. I thought Ven Budhu was offensive, obnoxious and acted like a spoiled child on that episode (haven’t seen the next one yet) and I wish that Terri and her friend had demanded a different designer to work with. Ven deserved to be sent home just on the basis of the bad dress he designed, and I was disappointed that didn’t happen, although the judges made it very clear they weren’t happy with him because of his attitude and his faulty design. If they sent designers home because of attitude, their ranks would thin very quickly–Elena from this season would surely be long gone!

    • Thanks for commenting Diane! I must not have paid close enough attention to who Elena was when I watched the episode (I’ve only watched this episode from this season). I agree whole heartedly just about Ven’s design – I didn’t think the skirt was anything great and honestly the open zippered slit was just wrong -wrong place, wrong style… I dont think anyone would have worn it, plus size or not. And while I dont think it was just his “attitude” that should have gotten him sent home (along with the design) just the way he treated Terri should have gotten him sent home. There have been many bad attitude designers on the show (some that have won) but none that I have personally seen attack someone like Ven did Terri, his actions went beyond a bad attitude and I felt should have gotten him sent home…

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