Fun Fall Fashions

Since it’s finally September I wanted to do a “fall fashions” post since that seems to be the trend on blogs lately, but I wanted to mix it up a bit and do some outfits I normally wouldn’t wear myself for some variety. I love fashions of all kinds, even if I don’t personally understand them, but it’s pretty fun to play around on Polyvore with my ‘virtual closet’ that I just updated with new items from some of my favorite stores.

Top: Torrid; Pants: ASOS Curve; Heels: Payless.


I love doing workwear outfits because there are so many “rules” normally within an office environment but so many fashionable ways to work with them. Every year stores come out with even more fun pieces to work with your workwear pieces too.

This particular outfit I thought was fun yet simple, and yes simple doesn’t mean boring! Sophistication is key with a great pair of black trousers and a white top with an embellished midsection. Bringing in that pop of red in the shoes is always key – you could use any color really with this outfit, so have some fun and use your favorite color!

Jacket: Youtheary Khmer; Jumpsuit: ASOS Curve; Heeled Boots: Fredrick’s; Flat Boots: Charlotte Russe.

This I swear is more of my style, and I want to own these pieces immediately. The star is this brilliantly designed Youtheary Khmer green kimono top that I paired with a black jumpsuit. Finish off this outfit with some camel boots, heeled or not – your choice! I’d wear this out to relax shopping, or for dinner with friends – even the bar for drinks!

Tank & Skirt: Torrid; Vest: Forever 21; Wristlet: Zara.


This rock star outfit is a bit outside my comfort zone – that’s why I wanted to create it, and because rocker chic is becoming quite popular. I paired some simple pieces, like a black mini skirt and an animal print tank, with one of Fall’s more fashion-forward items: the studded leather vest. To break up all the dark colors I found a red studded wristlet to bring a bit of pop to the outfit.

So what’s your style: casual, rocker, fashionista? What are you dressing more for this Fall: work, school or partying? What’s YOUR favorite Fall item?


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