Product Name Rant

There are a lot of misleading and offensively named products out on the market. While waiting at Ulta to get my hair cut I was walking around the store and discovered one that was odd and offensive to me. FatGirlSlim by Bliss is a cellulite reducing cream that is supposed to tighten skin and reduce the look of cellulite. Where they got the name “FatGirlSlim” is beyond me.

At first glance from the name I thought “A. that’s rude, and B. what kind of product is this?” FatGirlSlim doesn’t exactly scream “hey I’m a cellulite reducing product.” And when I read the bottle more and discovered what it was I then was just offended, fat girls aren’t the only ones with cellulite – ANYONE can have cellulite, fat or slim. And to name a product something that makes women believe that being fat is wrong, and use this product to make you slim, is just horrible.

Maybe I’m overreacting, but I’d like to see a product that’s called something like “SkinnyGirlCurvy” so society can think that being too skinny is wrong and that they should get some meat on their bones and gain some curves!

Now with that being said, A. I don’t know how the product works – it may or may not reduce cellulite, this post is NOT a product review. So try it at your own risk…

And B. I’m not saying being slim is bad, wrong or anything … yes I’m prohealthy and procurvy, but as long as you are healthy and happy that is the ONLY thing that matters. If you are slim/skinny and healthy and happy – great! If you are curvy, confident and fat – also great! I just don’t like products that rejects a certain body shape…


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