Strut Your Stuff

It’s Friday and it is that time in the week that everyone looks forward to: no work (normally), bars, clubs, drinks, friends, lovers … you just can’t go wrong! My favorite part is getting all dolled up with the clothes, make up and hair. So I decided to dedicate a post just to the perfect Friday night ensemble.

The Dress

All dresses from Torrid.

When I’m really feeling like dressing up a dress is my go-to pick. Anything black, lace, sparkly or slinky is perfect for going out to the clubs or on a hot date. These picks from Torrid are some great examples of sexy little numbers that show off our curves and styles.

The Hair

All styles found on

The hair is the statement piece to any outfit. Soft, long tresses or short and sexy – you can’t go wrong. I’ve been playing around with my own new locks (pictures to come soon) and when I found these style ideas from Cosmopolitan Magazine I about died – a faux bob, bouncy curls, slicked back.

Make Up


The finishing touches: make up. My advice is always make ONE item pop – whether it be your eyes, nails, or lips. Another small bit of advice – only emphasize one or you might cross into stage make up. This is the part to go crazy with color, sparkles, boldness and overall fun. Rock your style!


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