Food Chronicles: Aunt’s Buffalo Chicken Wings

This past summer I’ve been expanding my répertoire of guy-friendly foods. I mastered ribs, that was a big one since my best friend LOVES them. My next one I really wanted to master was buffalo chicken wings. I really love eating them but the last time I attempted fried chicken… it didn’t end well. I’ll leave it with that.

So when I saw my Aunt post on Facebook saying she made her famous chicken wings for dinner one night I messaged her for the recipe. My Aunt knows a LOT of great recipes, and if someone loves fish – let me know, my Aunt knows fish (she used to live in Alaska and they loved to fish!)

Aunt’s Famous Buffalo Wings

Not my Aunt’s, but a great picture.


Chicken wings – I buy them already cut up called “party wings”

Any brand bottled wing sauce 2/3 bottle

Tampatio hot sauce – 1 tsp

1 tbl butter


Rinse and pat dry wings.

Heat vegetable oil to about 400 degrees (medium high heat).

Carefully place chicken in oil and fry for about 8 minutes on one side, turn and cook for about 8 minutes on the other.  You’ll know they’re done when golden brown and the float.

While chicken is frying, mix the sauces and butter in a small saucepan;heat on medium-low.

Remove chicken pieces to drain on paper towels.  Put wings in a 8 x 13 pan and pour sauce over the wings.  Toss until completely covered.  Serve with celery and blue cheese dressing.



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