Daily Ramblings…

I like being able to write to you all whenever I can, and breaking my thrice weekly postings to give you some more insight on me feels great. Well as you know Fall has arrived – especially here in Pittsburgh, and with that the allergy season. I think I got caught, my allergies started up and turned into a cold I believe.

Worst part of this one is I seem to not be able to stop coughing, that’s how it started, with a cough. It’s changed formats on the type of cough and I’ve tried different cough syrups to contain it. But I’ve found one thing that seems to really help sooth that itch in my throat..

My new mug and some chicken broth!

I’m normally a total skeptic when it comes to stuff like this, I grew up always eating chicken noodle soup when I got sick and just thought it was the whole fluid replenishment deal. But I had a box of chicken broth in my cupboard and figured I’d give it another try.

Here it really helps! My coughing has slowed down thankfully and starting to feel better. I looked into why chicken broth or noodle soup actually helps with this and discovered that it actually helps with the inflammation in your throat which normally causes the coughing and with thinning the mucus. Who knew! Just glad I found something that helps…


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