Halloweentown Fashion Upgrade

One of my favorite Halloween movies are the Halloweentown series from Disney. And my favorite character is Marnie (Kimberly J. Brown) but that has to be obvious. So I thought I’d show some updated versions of outfits Marnie wears in the Halloweentown High movie.

Back when this was filmed, 2004, I was in high school and this was a typical outfit for my age group. Hence why I picked this outfit to upgrade. High school was all about simplicity (when you weren’t at high school) and throwing on a pair of jeans and a tank and jacket. Now that I’ve grown up I’ve realized that it’s just as simple to throw on a good looking sweater and boots and still be comfy.


This was the scene where Marnie took all the students to the Mall. Growing up, going to the mall was a big highlight (I come from a town without a mall), so I could understand the excitement everyone in the movie had, and picking an outfit is key. I updated the outfit with a button down cardigan in a deeper orange, black scarf and a big floppy hat (honestly I always thought Marnie’s hat was a little corny).


So this doesn’t have the “Halloween” theme the other two I picked out has but it was a cute outfit that works for high school AND post-college life. Blazers are always in and denim jackets are returning to fashion – so pairing a denim jacket with a cute scarf is perfect for going out in the Fall weather for coffee.



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