Jennifer Livingston Takes a Stand

Jennifer Livingston was just a local Wisconsin TV anchor till she received an email from a viewer. While she tried to laugh it off at first her husband, another TV anchor, was angry at what the viewer had wrote. The email said that Livingston was not a good role model especially to girls due to her overweight lifestyle. The viewer urged her to reconsider her lifestyle since she is in the public eye.

   From the encouragement of others Livingston took to the airways to call out the bully and take a stance against bullies everywhere. She read the email on air and confronted the viewer saying she obviously knows her body shape and that this viewer doesn’t know her personally or anything about her and has no right to call her names. At the end she encourages young people not to let bullies define their self worth, no matter their shape, color or orientation.

Livingston reminds us also that October is Bully Prevention Awareness Month and we should all take a stand for ourselves, our friends and our children.

Growing up big my whole life I was also bullied but I tried to take a stand every time so they wouldn’t “win.” I had parents that backed me up and taught me not to give bullies the time of day. I commend Jennifer Livingston and am so happy that she took the stance she did.


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