Halloween Fashion

As you all know, Halloween is right around the corner and I want to know… what are you dressing up as???

Halloween has been a huge holiday for me since I was little. I just had this conversation with my sister about how I dressed up as a witch for about 8 years in a row (at least) when I was younger – and how I got my new niece a little witch hat to keep the trend alive.

Now I get to put together ridiculously cool (and sometimes sexy) costumes for the local parties and what not during Halloween – and if I’m lucky pass out some candy to tricker treaters (some day). This year I’m going as the Mad Hatter where I got a custom made tutu & hat via my friend – check her out at Bat Stitch Crazy!

I wanted to share some cool and sexy ideas floating around online from two of my favorite plus size lingerie stores: Hips & Curves and Torrid!


“Sexy Witch” via Hips & Curves

“Ringmaster” via HIps & Curves.

“Steampunk” via Hips & Curves.

“Bunny” via Torrid.




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