Welcome to Cold Weather!

As most of you know Hurricane Sandy has hit and has caused some major damage on the East Coast. My heart goes out to all of you, your friends and your family who may be affected and hope the damages are recoverable. Thankfully for myself I live further in from the coast and haven’t been hit that hard – just rain and cold temps. And so  this is the beginning to the cold weather fashion!

I am sitting and typing this in my apartment that doesn’t have the gas turned on (trying to save money) and so I have a space heater plugged in (same as last year). I’m not totally sure it is working, I may need to find something more powerful, so the sweaters in this post look mighty comfy.

Cold weather fashion can be great because there are all the sweaters, boots, scarves, and pants in the world. And of course, you can LAYER them all!

Capes, pea coats, and sweaters oh my! All in plus size!


Boots, scarves and hats – the perfect accessories for the weather!


And now my ensemble example: tunic length sweater, black skinny pants, knee high boots and a great bag.


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