Holidays: Thanksgiving Center Piece

I have once again become obsessed with The Chew, I can’t wait till it shows up in my queue on Hulu everyday. Clinton Kelly is obviously my favorite, and he recently did a wonderful “Clinton’s Craft Corner (let’s craft!)” that fit perfectly for Thanksgiving.

Photo courtesy The Chew.

You know that collection of bottles (*cough* vodka, wine, wine, wine) you’ve been showing off on top of your fridge? Put them to beautiful use and decorate them to use as a centerpiece and/or candlestick holders for your table! Trust that I’ll be trying this out very soon!

What You Need:
Empty Bottles
Acrylic Paint

How To Make It:

1.  Remove the labels from your bottles by soaking them in warm water.  After 10-20 minutes, the labels should easily come off with a hard dish sponge.  Allow the bottles to dry completely.

2. Pour paint into bottle and shake until the bottle is completely covered in the color of your choice.  Cover the top of the bottle with a paper towel so paint doesn’t splatter all over the place.

3. Pour the excess paint into a bowl and allow paint to dry with bottle right side up.

4. After the bottle is completely covered, add a letter to the bottle to create a special message or word.

5. Add embellishments, ribbon, or twine to jazz up your bottle!


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