Holiday: Thanksgiving Attire

When we’re little our parents (mostly our moms) dress us and for holidays it’s normally some over-the-top dress that makes you look like a China Doll. Then as we get into our teen years we just wear whatever we want. But when we grow up, we finally have our own style; but I still ask the question, “what do I wear for that?”

Holidays are BIG events. Wether you spend it alone, with your family, friends or even coworkers you always want to feel like you dressed for the occasion. So I searched through all my favorite plus size stores to create some concepts for three different types of Thanksgivings.

Here are some basic guidelines to follow for ANY outfit:

– pop of color

– textures

– lengths

Formal Thanksgiving

Dress: Sealed With A Kiss (SWAK). Coat: F21+. Purse: Banana Republic.

Putting together an outfit is all about mixing textures, it is one of my favorite rules to follow (and sometimes one of the hardest). If you are attending a more formal Thanksgiving dinner I suggest an elegant maxi dress that will show off your curves but not show off your skin. Pair it with a great belted pea coat for the ride over (you know it’s cold out now!) and a cute little beaded purse.

Casual Thanksgiving

Shirt/Jacket/Pants: F21+. Scarf: Old Navy. Necklace: Stye Bop.

I imagine a casual Thanksgiving being the one where you go over to family’s house, like I used to in college. I would head over to my Uncle’s house or one year my Aunt’s family drove down for Thanksgiving with my family. It’s where you want to be comfortable but stylish and put together.

Sweater leggings are becoming very popular for the colder months, and the best thing is that they are thicker so they aren’t “leggings – leggings” that you see girls walking around with their butts hanging out and their underwear showing (no leggings as pants!). I find the sweater leggings to be almost more like stretch pants, or jeggings where you can skirt around that rule. Pair with a colorful top and a long necklace and you are all set!

Family Thanksgiving

Pullover/Cardigan/Pants: F21+. Boots: JCPenny.

This is the type of outfit you wear when it’s just your immediate family or your wonderful solo Thanksgiving. Comfy, casual but still showing off your style – but that outfit you can curl up on the couch to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (so excited!) and the big game after the meal.

I’ve been having a love affair with these pants from F21+ for awhile now and have been using them with a lot of outfits because they are so versatile. Everyone thinks of Winter fashion as the leggings and huge comfy sweater to stay warm in – so that was kind of my inspiration for this. I’m not a huge fan of the crochet boots but I feel in a casual setting they’d work.


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